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Counselling Services In Ongar

I have been practising as counsellor for 13 years now and I pride myself in holding the position that I do. I consider myself to be a warm and caring person, offering a one-to-one counselling service in a private setting for individuals or couple seeking professional help.



 I am able to assist individuals and couples in moving forward to a place in their lives where most feel stronger and more able to cope with whatever may come their way, by developing a more positive and realistic view point.

Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety can come in many forms and present itself differently in each situation. Sometimes it can become a bit too much to handle. I offer anxiety counselling to try and quell some of the anxieties and thoughts that you may have.

Depression Counselling

Depression is more than just being down and can present itself in minor to major ways. I offer a counselling service so you can express your thoughts, feelings and worries in a safe and non judgemental environment.

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